Providers of Enterprise Educational Resources UK Limited is a private company, limited by guarantee in England/Wales. Company number 7566303, registered address: Llanfair Hall, Dwyran, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Anglesey LL61 6AX

PEER UK Ltd (Providers of Enterprise Educational Resources UK Limited) is an established and successful work-related learning provider, offering a

vital ad-hoc and completely bespoke service for educational

establishments in Greater Manchester and North Wales.

With over 45 years of combined enterprise education experience, the company can offer worthwhile and relevant extensions to a young person’s education, when acquiring the skills necessary for a full and satisfying working life.

Some learning environments do not always have the time to integrate enterprise at the high level to which they would like and this is where

PEER can help, to support full or part-time dedicated enterprise

education staff or just help fill the gaps.

Find something you love doing, then get someone to pay you to do it

An ethos that we at PEER wish to instil into every young person with whom we work

     Lucy Miller

brings a fiery passion and no nonsense approach to enterprise education which will challenge students in ways they won’t expect and push them further than they thought possible.

      Mark Baxter

              Crompton House School

Hi Lucy,

Just to let you know that I got deputy head girl. Thank you so much for all your support. Without you I probably wouldn’t have even applied! Thank you so much. Best regards


June 2013

Hi Lucy,

Yesterday I attended the Enterprise Vision event that I had been invited to. I had to talk about my enterprise experience and all the skills which I have learnt.

After the meeting I had learnt a lot as well as the hard work that goes behind it for students like me, so just wanted to say thank you for all your commitment towards us and you have definitely helped me gain a lot of skills which I previously didn't have. You have created a change in me from someone who couldn't interact with people in becoming confident and you have inspired me and motivated me to progress further.

I appreciate all your effort. Thank you.


July 2013